YS lands itself in hot water by supplying a copy of Viz free with the magazine. Some stores decided to sell YS without the comic. Readers parents up in arms. The parents said nothing about the piccy of a werewolf with blood covered fangs and claws on the front cover though.

Cover game Batty gets included in a Hit-Pak compilation

A chart of Desert Island Disks (a feature where people choose their favourite ten games) is drawn up. First is Gauntlet (US Gold), second Cobra (Ocean) and third Paperboy (Elite).

Feature about the YS staff going to Alton Towers

Slots of Fun includes classics WEC Le Mans, Double Dragon and SDI.
US Gold pulls another coup by getting the rights to OutRun, the first ever arcade game that came with a sit-in buggy which tilted left and right (when turning corners) and forwards and backwards (when going up and down hills). The arcade game also boasted the best graphics and music of the time. US Gold follows it up with 720 Degrees.

Ocean responds with getting the Combat School licence.