Games that Can Never Be Forgotten

Growing up wasn’t an easy process, and we had a couple of sources to help us get through. For some, these sources may be books, and for some, it may be gaming. Since the topic is quite clear, we are going to elaborate more on the latter. Gaming has always been right in the corner to help you make the most out of life. But what kept this going were a couple of games that have gained the classic status. By all means, these games will never be forgotten. Hence, to shed light on this platform, here are those games.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Grand Theft Auto


It is quite hard to forget the virtual world of crime since GTA was one of the first games that could give an adrenaline rush. With various tasks and missions, Rockstar Games kept matters alive and made GTA a brand name. Thanks to its immense popularity, each instalment kept launching something new, and you needed a better graphic card. When matters escalated to PlayStation, things were exciting.

Need for Speed (NFS)

Apart from crime, one also refused to take their hands off the wheel, as they went over hurdles to win races. Yes, that’s right. NFS was more than just a game since for many it was the closest they came to a car. The virtual driving experience was well appreciated, and people tagged alone. NFS may not have done business like GTA, but they have their ground to rely on. Staring the fanbase with Most Wanted, the NFS team went forward to gift players the right dosage of fun and excitement.

Call of Duty (COD)



The life of a soldier is something that many dream off since expectations cannot be reality. Due to that purpose, COD came and swept things away in the right manner. Be it graphics or the attention to detail; the game had everything in place. The weaponry and camaraderie were realistic, as they took control of your emotions. With various versions, Activision kept things alive, and the COD fanbase grew larger and larger.

The Mario Series

Before understanding what true graphics was, you spent a considerable part of your childhood taking a man through blocks. The Mario series was an essential part of gaming, and we are all aware of the same. Despite restrictions, there was a strange force that kept us going as we got addicted to this particular game. A small part of survival was based on such matters, and the Mario series offered the same reality check. With newer versions of these games coming now and then, it is quite hard for the next generation to remember the classic ones. But as long as things remain at the back of your head, you’ll be fine.


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