More or Less Games

100 – ZZoom (Imagine)

This was probably the first Speccy game designed with sadists in mind. In itself it was a zappy and challenging shoot-’em-up, but the most fun in Zzoom was to be had by mercilessly slaughtering the refugees you were supposed to be protecting, and watching them spin up in the air in a bloodied mess. If you had the immense self-discipline needed not to do this though, you could console yourself by playing a fast and smooth 3D blaster that was more than a little bit ahead of its time, as well as being probably the original Imagine’s finest hour.

99 – Maziacs (DK ‘Tronics)

The advertisements for this claustrophobic maze game (actually an update of Mazogs, probably the most popular ZX81 game ever) claimed that the fight sequences were choreographed with the aid of a real live stuntman, and for once you could almost believe it. It wasn’t a games for arachnophobes though, as seeing your brave little adventurer clamped broken-backed between the jaws of an evil spider-like Maziac was enough to put a shiver up the spine of all but the most stout of heart. Maziacs was a game with more character than a thousand Turricans, and more horror than all the Nightmare On Elm Street movies put together.

98 – Pheenix (Megadodo)

There are people who would have you believe that Pang, or Toki, or even Midnight Resistance represents the pinnacle of the art of Speccy coin-op conversion. Not so. The true zenith was reached as far back as 1983 with this flawless copy of the arcade game Phoenix (forerunner of this year’s [1991] Megaphoenix from Dimanic). It’s sill the zappiest Space Invaders-type shoot-’em-up there is, and you don’t need five O-Levels (or even more than three fingers) to play it!

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