No 14


And welcome to what is as big a surprise to me as it is to you. This wasn't going to be a complete issue, but, well, I ran out of Lego. Hurrah, eh? And after only slightly less than a year of sitting around doing nothing, too.

First things first, an apology to everyone who contributed to YS3, and to everyone who was expecting this issue about nine months ago. You know what I'm like, but that's not really a very good excuse. Still, we're back again with another healthy round of news, entertainment and Star Wars references, and if comp.sys.sinclair is anything to go by, not a moment too soon either. Winter should be a little less cold now.

One thing you might have noticed is that we've completely redesigned the magazine. (Again.) Regular readers'll know that I've been constantly tweaking the layout, and I'm hoping that they'll agree that the new style is the best yet. Unfortunately I don't have access to as wide a range of browsers as I'd like, so if anybody does have any problems or notices any HTML errors, please e-mail me at nathan@ys3.co.uk and let me know so I can fix things.

Well, that's about it as far as introductions go. It's good to be back, we've missed you all, and I hope that you enjoy this issue as much as you enjoyed previous issues, if not a little bit more. And! For an added bit of entertainment, I invite you all to place your bets as to when the next issue'll be out. (Jon's offered January 2004, if that helps any.)

If it is late, don't go pronouncing us dead too quickly, though, eh? (You know who you are. Jamie.)

Nat Cross, Editor