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1982 1983 1984 1985
1986 1987 1988 1989
  1990 Xmas Special  
BONUS - YouTube video playlists of the songs used in the soundtrack: Year-by-year Documentary and Christmas Special.

BONUS 2 - Two-minute 1080p HD video advertising the 2011 site relaunch available only on YouTube.

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1982 6m34s 65.7MB 2004-04-02
Spectrum launch * IF1 * Microdrive
IF2 ROMs * Horace
Initial software range * Simulations
FastWWW BitTorrent eDonkey YouTube

1983 8m33s 85.5MB 2004-07-11
Third-party boom * Competing machines
Commodore 64 * ZX BASIC * Manic Miner * Hype
Vinyl games * Pocket TV * Ultimate
FastWWW BitTorrent eDonkey YouTube

1984 7m24s 74.0MB 2004-12-14
More Ultimate * Isometric 3D * QL * Spectrum+
Amstrad CPC * Imagine collapse * Wagglers
Monty Mole * Magazines
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1985 7m21s 73.5MB 2005-12-05
Arcade adventures * 3D Wireframe graphics * C5
Sports games * Ocean expansion * Coin-ops
Unclear User * YS relaunch
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1986 8m55s 89.0MB 2006-05-09
Spectrum 128+/+2 * Marble Madness
Gauntlet * Amstrad buy-out
Elite's streak * RealTime
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1987 7m37s 76.0MB 2006-12-21
Nextgen machines * Leaderboard
Head Over Heels * Violence
OutRun * Z88
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1988 8m11s 81.7MB 2007-04-23
Colour returns * Cover tape wars
PC200 * Re-releases * Christmas
Sex sells? * Ocean rising
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1989 7m33s 75.4MB 2008-05-26
Driving games * Movies * 16-bit influences
Domark'n'Atari * US Gold'n'Capcom
Last of the hardware * CRASH crash
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1990 9m00s 89.8MB 2010-08-27
SAM Coupe * Puzzlers * World Cup
Loadsacolour * 16-bit downgrades
Kids games * Beginning of the end
FastWWW BitTorrent YouTube

1990 39m11s 2009-12-31
A celebration of Speccy Christmases from 1982 to 1990, featuring plenty of Christmas games, Christmas hits, magazine coverage, and lots more. It's in a different format to the year-by-year chapters - a nostalgia piece rather than a documentary - and it's also in high definition.
And forty minutes long.
Don't miss the accompanying Advent Calendar section of this website for the full festive experience!
Normal quality video (VCD, 352x288, MPEG1)
1/5 9m34s (95.5MB) FastWWW BitTorrent
2/5 9m00s (89.8MB) FastWWW BitTorrent
3/5 9m28s (94.5MB) FastWWW BitTorrent
4/5 5m04s (50.7MB) FastWWW BitTorrent
5/5 6m04s (60.6MB) FastWWW BitTorrent
All-in-one VCD MPEG (319MB via BitTorrent only)
High quality video (DVD, 720x576, MPEG2)
YouTube 1/5 YouTube 2/5 YouTube 3/5 YouTube 4/5 YouTube 5/5
All-in-one DVD ISO to burn and watch on TV! (1.2GB via BitTorrent only)

 Total Duration: 1h50m19s 

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