*   Joystick Jugglers

An insight into the background lives of the YS reviewers

Rick Robson
Veteran from the Your Spectrum days, commonly mistaken for Animal from The Muppets. Keeps hamsters, insects and a whole menagerie of other animals in his beard. Reported to the RSPCA about keeping hamsters in his beard, so replaced them with gerbils. Thankful that the RSPCA doesn't know about his trainers...

Jackie Ryan
Infamously short. So sensitive about her height she always carried a 44 Magnum around the office to convince people that she was really a 6 foot basketball player. She applied for a place in the Harlem Globetrotters, and they put her on their Short list.

Richard Blaine
Arcade adventure fan who sends YS his reviews from Casablanca. Also ran the Play By Mail column for a while. Played Bungle in Rainbow.

Rachael Smith
The "rumpiest gal in Speccy gaming" - the most fancied YS reviewer after T'zer. At the time, going out with Gwyn Hughes.

Cliff Joseph
Man of mystery.

Richard Morris
No relation to Johnny.

Gwyn Hughes
Rachael Smith's boyfriend at the time. Welshman.

Robin Alway
General wheeler-dealer. Became the SAM Surgeon.

Marcus Berkmann
Head Over Heels addict, opened the Head Over Heels Clinic, which eventually evolved into a help area for anyone having problems with the latest games. Huge cricket bore. Destroyed his left hand whilst playing cricket, but YS had the technology to repair it. He's now the only person in the country with a Fairy Liquid bottle permanently poking from his sleeve - 65 per cent human, 30 per cent bionic and 5 per cent sticky tape. Simon Bates hater (aren't we all?). Learnt how to bullfight by practicing with rabbits, guinea-pigs, domestic fowl and donkeys. Then ditched bull fighting for hot air ballooning until he nearly killed himself and trying out warplane flying. Fell down the stairs once and got amnesia. "Who am I?" he foolishly asked the YS team. "You're Olga Korbett, the famous defecting Bulgarian gymnast and you're on the run from a KGB snatch squad," they replied. Marcus then legged it out of the door, pausing only to perform a half triple-back pike arabesque en route.

Jonathan Davies
Orginally co-editor of fanzine Spectacular. Became a traitor when he bought himself an Atari ST (remember those?!!). The man with a name so uncommon that only 34 of them work within a joystick's waggle of Rathbone Towers. Once took up Sumo wrestling. Was given an original pet - Farty the Warthog. Tried to pass him off as a bull to Marcus, but was foiled. "That's not a bull... it's Farty on stilts." Farty died... his last words were "BANG!" and that was it. Now haunted by Farty's ghost.

Phil South
The infamous sandwhich eater at YS. Wrote the wonderful adventure game "Fish".

Ciaran Brennan
Memory man - favourite book is "Pi To Three Billion Decimal Places" by Prof Heinz Beans.

Mike Gerrard
The regular adventure columnist, and the best of his kind.

Jon Pillar
Obsessed with private eyes. YS's resident John Major lookalike.

Tony Worrall
Originally editor of the fanzine EPROM, he turned professional game reviewer when he joined YS. Assures us that his ears are smaller than that in real life.

Linda Barker
Rock'n'Roll chick. Inherited the editorship when Andy Hutchinson decided to design a skateboard park in Alton Towers. Bit of a soppy romantic sort of girl.

Nat Pryce
Orginally co-editor of fanzine Spectacular. YS's very own hard man, fully equipped with a Billy Idol sneer and a quiff you could build a skyscraper on. Harder than a Terrys chocolate orange.

David Powell
Programmer who turned his hand to reviewing. Programs huge computers with knobs and lights by day, then tinkers with his rubber keyboard by night.

Duncan MacDonald
YS's resident cartoonist and overall strange bloke. Acts out the plot of each one of his cartoons before he draws them. Currently serving five years in Parkhurst. The only reviewer who thinks he's a small village in the Wye valley. Broke the world record for moth-powered flight. Has had many mysterious "sellotape adventures". You don't want to know...

Sean Kelly
Spoon balancer extraordinaire. Once kidnapped by aliens who wouldn't let him go until he'd taught them his spoon balancing skills. Went on to juggling five Robo Chefs whilst balancing upside-down on a toaster. Not just a balancer, but also a musician - he plays the spoons... Ran out of ideas for tricks and got depressed... until he found a loofer... That provided brief releif, but then hit a rut again... Spent a brief bit of time in Zero magazine.

Peter Shaw
Troubleshootin' Pete in the early days, went away for a bit, then came back to do some reviews.

Refugees from Crash. The Spectrum's own Batman and Robin - Ben wears underpants over his strides, and Skippy doesn't wear any underpants at all.

David McCandless
Major contributor to YS even before his was employed by them. Master hacker, took over Practical POKEs and Program Pitstop. Nicknamed "Macca", "Fab Macca Wacca" to his friends, and "That git there" by his enemies.

Richard Pelley
Extremely huge flares wearer. Owner of the Crap Games Corner. Party goer to the extreme and adored by the female readership. Once had difficulties going through Customs with a suitcase full of women's clothes...

Matt Bielby
Matt Goss (who he?!) lookalike, causing every girl within visual range to swoon uncontrolably. The CS gas he carried around probably had something to do with that though... Tried to send Jonathan Davies a replacement warthog thru the post, but got a 280,000 quid bill from the Post Office for wrecking their franking machine. Then had a bit of a turn, thinking he was Gadgy The Mutant Ninja Duck, then Lord Beilby. Eventually convinced himself he was God, and had to be taken away.

David Wilson
Resident YS crooner. Sings when asked. Sings when not asked. Had a "hit song" with Hold My Hand Very Tightly in YS44. Or at least I think that's what they said... Had to pay Roger Whittaker 18 quid in royalties for lifting a bit of whistling from I've Gotta Leave Old Durham Town. As a result, he got a few death threats from "Friends of Roger Whittaker". Had a successful tour around the Outer Hebrides, with 4,000 sheep at each venue. Had his song played on Radio One! Nickname "Whistlin' Rick".

Kati Hamza
Relentlessly fickle - gets bored of whatever job she's doing within ten minutes.

Andy Ide
Jesus impersonator, also a hippy of the highest order. Picked on relentlessly by Matt Beilby, before Matt went a bit gaga and had to be taken away.

Paul Laikin
Refugee from the defunct Zero magazine.

James Leach
Kidnapped from Amstrad Action. Crap at poetry.

Andy Hutchinson
Sideways-cap-wearing reject from EMF. Became YS editor after bumping into Andy Ide rehearsing his inaugural Minster for Green Affairs speech. Seriously funky.

Simon Cooke
SAM and Spectrum programmer extrardinaire. Became Spec Tec Jr when Adam Waring left. Tip for the day: Don't mention the phrase "Statues of Ice"...

Trenton Webb
Only joined YS once his Amiga broke down.

Rebecca Norley
Work experiencer, who was instantly adored by the staff.

Steve Anderson
Another prolific letter-writer-turned-columnist. Thinks that sitting on a shelled hard-boiled egg naked is a good way of curing stress. I can tell you for a fact that this does work. Erm, moving on...

BJJ - Before Joystick Jugglers
An incomplete list of YS reviewers that wrote for the mag before the Jugglers section was established

Kevin Cox
Kevin was the first ever editor of Your Sinclair, and kept a very low profile in the mag, restricting himself to the Letters pages and letting his alter-ego of "Tommy Nash" handle the other articles.

Teresa Maughan
If Matt Bielby was the YS Editor that made all the girls swoon, then T'zer was the female equivalent, attracting sackfuls of fan letters every week. She was the longest reigning editor YS ever had before being promoted to Publisher when Matt took over. She then proceeded to break thousands of hearts when she got married.

Sara Biggs
The Official YS Gauntlet Addict, confirmed during the YS Coup of '87 when she said she wanted "Lots of reviews of Gauntlet. Features on the playing of Gauntlet. Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons, screen by screen." Fortunately Marcus then stepped in by promptly putting a noose around her neck.

John Minson
Officially he only wrote the nifty Backstabbin' series of articles. Unofficially he was a major Joystick Juggler and master of disguise. Did you know he was writing for both YS and Crash at the same time?!

Max Phillips
Jack of all trades, from reviewing games, to doing hardware round-ups and writing the brilliant Backlash series of articles.

Keith Pomfret
YS's roving reporter who covered The Hobbit, Russia's Spectrum clone.

Honourable Mentions To...

Catherine Higgs

Robert Corredi

Tony Dillon

Dave Golder

Lesley Quigg

Craig Broadbent

Stuart Campbell

Leigh Loveday

Tim Kemp

Catherine Peters

Colin Campbell

Andy Ounsted

Tim Blackbond

Simon Hindle

Phil McCardle

Tony Lee

Simon Forrester
Man Of Mystery

Jonathan Nash

The Test

Before anyone could become a YS reviewer, they had to take a secret test. Although everyone had to swear an oath not to reveal it, and also were hypnotised so that they'd forget it, various pieces of information came out. The YS reviewers' secret test they had to take involved a banana, an aardvark, a bicycle chain, a pogo stick, playing R-Type, spoon balancing and moths sellotaped to their forehead.

That probably explained why they were all so well balanced whilst writing for the mag.

Who Drew These?

All charicatures were done by YS's prolific cartoonist Nick Davies, apart from the following:
    Stuart C, Dave G, Craig B and Andy O were done by Andy Ounsted.
    Tim K was done by Linda Barker.
    Simon H and Leigh L were cut outs from Boy's Own magazine.
    Jon P and Phil M did their own.
    Jonathan N didn't have one - he reused Jon Pillar's.

Info provided by Johnathan Nash.

Did You Know...?

That Rachael Smith and Gwyn Hughes were the same person?
And that person was a certain John Minson?

That Max Phillips and Sara Biggs are now married to each other?

That Rick Robson was the pen-name of Andy Robson?

That Tommy Nash was actually Kevin Cox?

Well you do now!

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