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11th Aug 2008 : Got the OCR bug briefly - promptly killed after scanning some Letters pages :) But I got 1990's Letters pages scanned, so that's issues 49 to 60 out of the way, to join 1986-1989 which were done yonks ago. Don't expect anymore OCRing for a while now!
26th May 2008 : It's finally here after a long delay: the 1989 chapter of the documentary is now available for download!
    It's 7m33s long, 75.4MB in size, and the usual HTTP, BitTorrent and GoogleVideo options are available.
    It's a bit of a bittersweet one this. See the games market be flooded with licences! Be concerned about the amount of software being released! Slap your forehead as CRASH jumps the shark! Worry about the future of the machine!
   Ahem. This is the beginning of the end of the Sinclair story - and only two more subsequent chapters are planned in the series, plus a prequel and something special (and that's coming up next).
    Total playing time of the series so far? 1h02m08s - we've topped the hour! So chuffed with that!

21st March 2008 : It's taken me ten years to get around to it, but I've finally added cross-references between the YSRnRY and Jim Grimwood's site dedicated to Your Spectrum, YRUA?. You'll find relevant links scattered throughout the issue summary pages and the "YS Cross-references" box at the bottom of each review and preview (including the Complete Guides and Top 100).
    You'll notice that Your Spectrum is refered to as YR - this is a convention I've pinched from Jim to differentiate the two different YS magazines. The theory goes that Your Spectrum came before Your Sinclair, and YR comes before YS, and suddenly it all makes sense. And YRUA? Aside from being a question, that means Your Spectrum Unofficial Archive.
    I'm not sure how much further to take the cross-linking, so I'm open to suggestions. There's plenty I could do, but would be non-trivial to implement.
    In other news, I've added the July 1986 issue of ZX Computing to the Virtual News Stand.
9th March 2008 : Computer Gamer added to the Virtual News Stand.
8th March 2008 : The Virtual News Stand expands - now each issue summary page (e.g. this one) now has a set of cover images of the rival magazines that came out during that month. Click on a cover and you'll be taken to the World Of Spectrum's magazine viewer for that magazine issue - including for the YS cover on that page!
7th March 2008 : Minor change - the pairing up between the YSRnRY database, SPOT*ON database and WOS database has been tightened up so that ratings from other magazines for each game are now reported accurately.
1st March 2008 : Introducing the "Virtual News Stand"! OK, so it's a rubbish name, but the new feature's quite nifty in that it ties in the magazine page image scan archive on the World Of Spectrum website with this site. Along the bottom of (almost) every review and preview on this site is a virtual copy of other magazines opened at the page of their own review or preview - just click on the page you want to view to see it full-size. And if there's an HTML equivalent somewhere on the web (in this case, YRUA?, SUMO and Crash Online), there's a hyperlink to it below the page image. The only limitation is that if there's no page image scan on WOS, then it won't get linked to from this website - yet. Enjoy!