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Every owner of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, in any of its forms, should remember one of the most entertaining computer magazines ever published: Your Sinclair. YS ran as Your Spectrum for a couple of years before being relaunched as Your Sinclair at Christmas 1985.
    YS ran until 1993 and outlasted all the other Spectrum magazines that were sold at the time. During this time various breakthroughs in game design arose that we now all take for granted in these days of multi-megabyte memory, multicolour graphics home computer systems.
    The YS Rock'n'Roll Years aims to relive those days, so sit back, relax, and indulge yourself into some serious nostalgia.
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30th April 2016 : YSRnRY Disassociates Itself From The World Of Spectrum.

Way, wayyyy back, back in the days when I was building the Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years website, I thought it would be a good idea to make it into a kinda unofficial interface to the World Of Spectrum archive. Download links and linked images were spread throughout the Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years, and the effect is quite impressive - I'm especially proud of the "Virtual Magazines", shown open at the pages relevant to the article on the webpage.

Martijn, WOS's founder, was very enthusiastic about me doing this, and I kept him in the loop at every step of the way, and he helped make the YSRnRY a much better website. But... you now what's coming here... things change. Martijn retired, and the new WOS team believes their obligations to the community which built their archive is limited to a simple thank you and credit whenever someone sends anything in. For many reasons I disagree with the new WOS attitudes and operations, so I have decided to disassociate the YSRnRY from WOS.

This is mainly superficial - most download links were changed to point to a WOS mirror last year as WOS' magazine archive has been offline for quite some time, with no fix in sight. The only remaining WOS links were links to individual Infoseek entries.

Using the fine Simple Sinclair Search facility I was able to quickly knock up a set of Downloads pages for each software title which is able to link to any WOS mirror. Including HTML updates, the whole thing was done and uploaded within three hours - and the details in the Downloads pages includes all magazine references in full working order, unlike the current Infoseek!

If anyone fancies taking on the task, writing a fully-functional unofficial Infoseek-like search engine with any WOS mirror to point download links to can be done inside a few hours, with a few more if you want to add an extensive Advance Search facility. I'm done with Speccy stuff for a while, but I know it would be a handy research tool just because of the working magazine reference links.

I didn't want to spend too much time on it - free time is pretty scarce for me these days - so the Downloads pages are in glorious static HTML3.2/Web 1.0 form, but they're functional! Here's Chase HQ, for instance.

There may be a few quirks here and there, but the YSRnRY no longer has a dependency on WOS, and that's fine by me.
24th September 2012 : Remember the 2004 special YS94 issue? The editor of that, Dan Whitehead, has just published a book called Speccy Nation (£3.99 paperback, £1.02 on Kindle, order either from Amazon) which details the peculiarly British experimentation and innovation in computer games design during the Spectrum years. It's a very fun book to read, and you can read my review of the book here where I show you just how good it is, together with how the book gave me a major epiphany.
24th June 2012 : A bit of news for those who like to follow my work - Christmas UK has now evolved into an all-singing all-dancing website which contains all that the Facebook and Twitter feeds did and more. Currently in a beta phase, but it's been fun to play around with CSS3, jQuery, PHP, etc. Bit of a change from this site, which is mainly static HTML 3.2! The Christmas UK website will be at full tilt in October, but is currently in a nice holding pattern whilst the Christmas 2012 run-up starts to rumble.
     This will be the last time I mention Christmas UK - it seems to excite my stalker a little too much than is healthy for him (hello Andrew!). On the YSRnRY side of things, the YS Daily Fix is also on the YSRnRY Facebook and Twitter feeds, and Facebook users are also treated to a daily month-by-month lookback at YS and its rival magazines to give a background to the industry at this time of year - and it only contains a small amount of bile about CRASH turning into pamphlet!

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