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Trivial Pursuits - A New Beginning
Domark £14.95 Jan 1989 YS37
Graphics: 9/10
Playability: 8/10
VFM: 7/10
Addictiveness: 8/10
8/10 Overall
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A reworking of the Triv computer game from scratch, which gives you more game and less bored. Good fun.
Phil South
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the computer store... Genus II is back, in the guise of Triv - A New Beginning. Now I like Triv, always have done, but I found the first computerised versions frankly a bit of a downer. Why? Well I always thought them a bit tacky... nothing to do with the quality of the graphics, or even the question tapes... they just weren't computer games! They were board games in the disguise of computer games! It would seem that Domark had that feeling as well, and knowing what suckers we are for general knowledge quizzes, they've approached Triv in an entirely new way. "How would it look," postulated Dom, leaning on the fireplace resplendant in stripey blazer, "If we redesigned it as it would be if it was a computer game to start with?" Mark obviously concurred wiv his spivvy chum, as you can see from the screenshots.
    Each player (for this is multi-player time, sports fans) controls a laser powered spaceship; a bit like a really strong torch whizzing backwards through the universe. To save the Earth, you must gain acceptance by the elders of the planet Genus II and say, "is it okay if I move in with a couple of billion of my pals? For the Earth is dying and we need somewhere to doss down for the next few centuries while we get the builders in."
    Of course there's a catch. The elders, being kind hearted if a bit twisty, will let us in... but only if we can find them. Oh brother. You have to search the galaxy to find Genus II, and along the way you get to answer a lot of General Knowledge questions and collect triangular icons on the dash of your space cruiser. Hah! Sound familiar? Yep, it's Triv.
    Look here, I did try to hate this game. No really I did. I wanted to find it facile and boring and a poor excuse for a licence... but I like it. It's actually not at all bad, and looks a bit pretty on the screen too. You can get some mates round to play it and have BIG FUN, surfin' suckers. But hey! Air out your bedroom first?

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