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The Forgotten Past
Trevor Whitsey £1.99 Dec 1987 YS24
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Mike Gerrard
Another published-from-home adventure, a text-only game written using GAC. Well it's different! Nothing too different about the plot which has you waking up on the unfamiliar shore of an island, wondering who you are and where you are... and why you've got a bump on the back of your head. Finding the answers to these questions will lead you through a well-written adventure romp.
    It's not really a devious adventure and I'd say it was a good one for beginners to try. I unearthed about 50 of the 85 locations in one sitting, so newcomers might like to practice their map-making without worrying about being killed off at every opportunity. Old hands though, may get just a little impatient at trying to find some problems to solve.
    It's quite a well put-together game. The text is the best part of it, and while it's hardly purple prose it could be described as at least a pale shade of mauve. It's better than most manage for a first attempt at adventure writing, though.

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