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The Calling
Visual Dimensions £1.99 Dec 1987 YS24
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Mike Gerrard
A PAW'd effort, The Calling comes in two flayours, 48K on one side of the tape and 128K on t'other. The story is that your car breaks down while you're on your way home one night, and being a gentleman and taking into account there's a thunderstorm outside, you send your girl-friend to phone for help from a nearby house. Two hours later you decide you'd better go looking for her. Not only are you ill-mannered, you're a bit slow on the uptake too!
    But better late than never, and into the house you go. You soon find a diary belonging to Professor Quinn, whose house it is, and you read an entry where he refers to the possibility of making contact with the Netherworld. Your own nether regions turn to tapioca pudding, when you read that he needs a suitable female for the transferrence machine.
    I started this game, as I often do first time round, without making a map and one hour later I quit with a score of 70 per cent, feeling sure that if I bothered to map and make notes I'd crack the thing next session. Good for beginners then, but not much trouble here for you seasoned adventurers.
    The game isn't too bad, it didn't make me switch off in utter boredom, but a bit more care's needed in coping wi'h PAW's parser.

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