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Manic Miner (SAM)
Revelation £9.99 Apr 1992 YS76
Life Expectancy: 82 
Instant Appeal: 90 
Graphics: 74 
Addictiveness: 92 
Overall: 84°  
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Jon Pillar
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The magic of print, eh? In just a few words we can all be transported back to the days of Speccy history without any of that 3D light-field malarkey. See? We're here already. The reason for this little trip is to take a look at one of the classlest classics of all. It is of course Manic Miner, that never-bettered platform leap-about. The plot behind the game is that Miner Willy, Surbiton's noted spelunker, has tumbled down a mineshaft. Far beneath the Earth, he discovers the remnants of an ancient civilization. Well, money and mining robots actually. He has to dodge the robots and grab the cash in order to open the portal to the next cavern, ultimately returning to the surface with a dusty head and a fat bank account. Capital, isn't it? Now if you hold on tight we'll flip back to the present day, just in time to greet the SAM incarnation of that very same game. And knock me senseless with a pig on a stick if it's not a corker as well.
    Updating the graphics and soundtrack, but intelligently retaining the pixel-perfect timing that made the original so agonisingly addictive, SAM MM comprises three sets of twenty screens each. Unlike the Speccy version you don't get a preview of the levels at the beginning of the game. This means that each new screen is a surprise; and quite often a nasty one, as the designers have been commendably devious. Cutting to the quick, SAM MM is a super game. The pretty graphics, funky music and jaunty FX are well matched by the viciously addictive gameplay. Such a combination is hard to beat, which funnily enough sums up the game as a whole. Stump up and get stuck in.

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