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Got a dodgy persona? Here's your chance to find out!
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    ...and everyone else who has been forwarded this link! The YS Personality Test has been astonishingly popular ever since it was uploaded way back at the start of 2002. So, if you're visiting this site for the first time, then welcome!
    Did you know that this site is really a nostalgia site? "Your Sinclair" was the leading Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer magazine back in the 1980's, and this site contains a massive archive of articles published during that time - game reviews, features, silly stuff, there's loads available here.
    There's also a set of videos I've produced showing the Sinclair games industry evolving over the years, featuring tons of game footage and a fantastic 80's soundtrack.
    Meanwhile - enjoy the Personality Test!

Are you shunned by the rest of the human race? Or perhaps so popular that you never even get time to go to the toilet? From pessimist to optimist, from hermit to 'party animal' (and more), find out who you are, and why you're what you are, by answering the questions below, then getting a Personality reading at the end.
First of all, what's your name?   
You're the lone survivor of a sinking ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There's a deserted island in the distance, one servicable lifeboat and plenty of time for you to pick eight of the many items on board your stricken vessel to take to the shore. Since the island is uninhabited you'll be totally on your own. You have no idea how long it'll be before you're rescued, if ever. Pick your eight items from the list below:
An electricity generator A saw, a hammer and some nails
Your favourite computer or games console A fishing rod
An umbrella Loads of bits of black polythene
A sleeping bag Some snazzy shorts and a pair of shades
A telescope Loads of bits of thin cardboard
Twenty boxes of matches A radiator bleed key
Five jars of Marmite A spade
A small plaster bust of Paul Daniels A ball of thick string
A bathtub A fridge
Various bags of vegetable seeds An elderly diseased warthog

All you have to do is answer Yes or No to the following questions:
Have you ever pulled the legs or wings off an insect?
Imagine you're driving a beaten up old Mini, and a "well-heeled gent" in a brand-new Mercedes is trying to get onto the busy road in front of you. Do you let him pull out?
If you see an elderly person trying to cross a very busy road, do you walk gleefully by and leave them to get on with it on their own?
If you see someone less fortunate than yourself, do you think "Ho ho! I'm glad I'm not him/her"?
Have you ever put a hamster in a microwave and set it to defrost for eight minutes?
Have you ever pretended, to a friendly, trusting dog, that you had a 'tasty treat' enclosed in your hand, when you really had nothing whatsoever?
Have you ever deliberately given a foreigner (or anyone) totally wrong directions to a place they're desperate to get to, and not felt the slightest bit of guilt when they thanked you profusely?

Take a very quick look at the shapes below. Decide which one is 'you'. If you really can't decide, then it might be worth taking a look at the notepad next to the computer, or telephone, or meeting room - there are sure to be doodles on it somewhere. Find one of your doodles and look for the predominant shape. That's the one to pick!

Grab a bit of paper and a pen and quickly draw a scene containing a house, a tree, the sun, a snake, some water and flowers.
    Done that?
    Now answer the following questions about your picture:
The House...
How many windows are there?
Is there a TV aerial on the roof?  Yes    No
Is there a non-smoking chimney?  Yes    No
Is there a smoking chimney?  Yes    No
The Tree...
Is the tree taller or shorter than the house?
The Sun...
Is the sun higher or lower than the roof of the house?
Are the sun and the tree close together?
Is the house between the sun and the tree?
The Snake...
How long do you reckon the snake is in the picture compared with everything else?
How does the snake look?
How far away is the snake from the house?
The Water...
What form of water did you draw?
Compared to the other things in the picture, what size is the form?
The Flowers...
How many large flowers are there?
How many small flowers are there? (if all the flowers are the same size, count them as small ones)

Click the button to find out a bit more about yourself...

    If you don't want to play and just want to see what any results mean, here's the answers

And in case you ever wondered, here's what the average YSRnRY visitor is like.

Published in the August 1989 issue of Your Sinclair

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