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Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
Zeppelin (R-R) £2.99 Jul 1991 YS67
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Jon Pillar
It's not hard to see why this was a 'Number One Bestseller' (as the inlay card so proudly puts it). Compared to the usual collection of sluggish number lists, Kenny's snazzy graphics and icons must have been a wonderful surprise. At heart, it's a competent management game (featuring scouts, transfers, cup competitions, formation strategy, finance etc) but with a slinky presentation that makes all the difference.
    One boon is that you dictate the speed of play. You can choose to see either the full results or edited highlights (which are a sort of updated version of the Footy Man goalmouth sequences), as well as opting for detailed information about each team member or just the bare bones.
    There are also a quite few good ideas in the game itself, like the option to replace a booked or injured player with anybody else from your team. My personal favourite though is the boardroom icon. This is where you can check up on the team via the physio and the coach, ask the scout who's up for grabs in the player market, find out from the accountant how you're doing financially, beg the bank manager for a loan, and finally quail before the chairman as he demands to know why you're still in the 4th division!
    There are only two problems. First, when you're clicking speedily through the various icons it can be all too easy to miss an important message, such as a player having been injured. And second, no matter how badly you do and how low the chairman's confidence sinks, at the beginning of each season it's replenished, so he never actually fires you. (A bug?)
    But these are only tiny points. Purists may frown upon the icons and graphics (and speed!) but by and large it's pretty hot poop. Go buy.

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   Sinclair User  5/10   
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