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2.99 Classics £2.99 Oct 1986 YS10
Graphics: 7/10
Playability: 7/10
VFM: 7/10
Addictiveness: 8/10
7/10 Overall
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Luke C
Ah, this takes me back. Even though the state-of-the-art animation this game boasted two years ago now pales alongside most of the software around at the moment, it still has some of that good ol' magic.
    It all revolves round this 'dirty rat', Jasper, who's lost his way home as well as his front door key. With 22 screens to discover, you'll have to get the hang of it PDQ or you'll end up wandering round only three like I did. That was until I realised the potion on the top level of the tree was an antidote to the instant death I was suffering at the hands - or should I say leaves - of the huge plant blocking my exit from the third screen.
    That's what made Jasper exciting at the time - it was one of the first games to introduce the interesting elements of adventure games into an arcade. You can pick up and collect up to five objects at a time and use them to get past otherwise impossible opposing forces.
    Jasper can do all the usual rat type movements like left, right and crouch as well as some rather death defying leaps at dangling ropes so he can get across vast expanses of water. He's obviously not that athletic 'cos he spent most of his time crouching in terror from his various adversaries which include polar bears, panthers, scorpions, spiders and a not-so-cuddly rabbit. Don't ask me, I didn't stock the jungle!
    The graphics aren't brill but they set the scene admirably - just look at the way the panther walks. In the words of the dirty rat himself, it's top of the world Ma!

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