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Astroball (SAM)/Revelation (YS80, 90)
   Just as much fun as the Speccy version, if not more so. Screamingly playable.
Batz 'n' Balls (SAM)/Revelation (YS76, 77)
   If wall-smashing's your aim, then this is your game.
Beetle Mania (SAM)/GA Bobker (YS79, 56)
Boing! (SAM)/Noesis (YS83, 75)
Brainache (SAM)/Supplement Software (YS79, 71)
Bulgulators (SAM), The/FRED (YS86, 70)
Daylight Robbery (SAM)/Supplement Software (YS80, 65)
Defenders Of The Earth (SAM)/Enigma Variations (YS58, 84)
   The first 'proper' SAM game and it's stunning. Perhaps lacking in long-term appeal though.
Drop Out (SAM)/Supplement Software (YS83, 25)
Dyadic (SAM)/Phoenix (YS87, 45)
Dyzonium (SAM)/FRED (YS85, 82)
E-Tracker (SAM)/FRED (YS91, 87)
   Powerful 'tracker which should go down a storm. A few awkward bits and that price mar it slightly.
Fish And Chips Demo (SAM) (PD)/Electron Affinity (YS87, 72)
Hexagonia (SAM)/Revelation (YS73, 84)
Impatience (SAM)/FRED (YS73, 90)
Kaleidoscope (SAM)/SAMCo (YS79, 60)
Lyra III Demo (SAM) (PD), The/ESI (YS91, 62)
Manic Miner (SAM)/Revelation (YS76, 84)
   Spread the word - the eccentric explorer with the taste for treasure is back!
Mega Demo 10 (SAM)/SAM Supplement (YS77, 69)
Parallax (SAM)/FRED (YS83, 58)
Pazook (SAM)/Supplement Software (YS80, 52)
Prince Of Persia (SAM)/Domark (YS69, 90)
   Top-notch platform slash-'em-up, with incredible animation. As good a reason as any to buy a Coupe.
SAM Adventure System/Axxent (YS82, 85)
SAM Coupe Arcade Development System/Glenco (YS84, 82)
SAM Juggler Demo (SAM)/Codigo (YS77, 80)
SAM Pack One (SAM)/Revelation (YS78, 81)
Sheriff Gunn (SAM)/Axxent (YS84, 60)
Splat! (SAM)/Revelation (YS76, 68)
   Sweetly simple and horribly playable. You may flip over it. Then again you may not.
Surprise Demo (SAM) (PD)/ESI (YS87, 70)
Triltex - The Later Levels (SAM)/FRED (YS77, 84)
   Triltex fans will need no holding back, but be warned - this game is hard.
Waterworks (SAM)/FRED (YS88, 80)
   I really enjoyed playing it, but I can see why people wouldn't like it. Non-puzzle fanatics should knock 25% off the score.
Wop Gamma (SAM)/Revelation (YS91, 88)
   You could boycott it to show we want more than puzzle games, but it's just too good to miss. (Sorry.)

Date Time
Rage Hard! (YS39)
    Working For Uncle Sam At Last! As the release of the SAM computer from Miles Gordon Technology draws nearer, Phil South reports on the shape of things to come.
Rage Hard! (YS47)
    It's been a long time in the making, but soon we'll all be able to thrill to the delights of the new SAM Coupe computer from MGT. Phil South tools up to investigate the delay.
Rage Hard! (YS51)
    Just as the SAM Coupe launches itself upon an anticipatory public, heralding a new dawn in Speccy development, so another innovation looks set to make its mark on our playing habits. Jonathan Davies reports on the CodeMasters' new CD Game Pack, a simple little system with encouraging potential.
Rage Hard! (YS52)
    Following fast on the heels of last month's SAM Coupe review, here comes the SAM disk drive and DOS; Sean Kelly gets out his trusty screwdriver and has a good poke.
SAM Centre - SAMCo's Demise (YS81)
    It's official - SAMCo has gone down. But! The Coupe lives on. Jon Pillar takes up the story...
SAM Special 1 - SAM: Is It The Speccy Of The Nineties!? (YS51)
    OR If You Think The Spectrum Is 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow', Why Not Try A SAM Toupe?
SAM Special 2 - The SAM Coupe Fax Box (YS51)
SAM Special 3 - Bruce Gordon Interview (YS51)
SAM Special 4 - Soft on SAM? (YS51)
SAM Special 5 - FLASH !! (Oo-er!) (YS51)
    Well, you've seen the pictures all over the shop, so you'll already know that the SAM Coupe comes with its own art package. But what's it like? Well read on, cloth-head, and you might find out...
SAM Surgeon - MGT's Demise (YS56)
    So what really has happened to the SAM Coupe?