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Atlantis Four Game Pack
Atlantis £3.99 Mar 1992 YS75
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Jon Pillar
From the depths of Atlantis come four ex-bargs in one plastic box. Value, or what? (He says scampishly).
A Pre-Op Wolfish shooting gallery, Crossfire is a fine test of reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination. As a game though, it gets very samey very quickly cos there's no variation in the basic shoot-chappies-in-windows idea. The dull graphics don't help - "downtown Chicago" looks more like Kettering on a Wednesday afternoon. On first loading you'll play for ages, but after that you probably won't bother with it again. 57°
Spooky Castle
Completely dreadful arcade-adventure game with tacky graphics and randomly positioned enemies. Inexcusably boring and inept. Not even worth it for curiosity value. 21°
Yet basic wall busting game, this has all the usual features of the genre - lasers, multiple balls, variable speeds etc. Admittedly it's good fun for a while, but it's really no different from a zillion other games. Splash out on Arkanoid 2 instead. 61°
After glugging down a ping of secret formula by mistake, Tom Essex has been transformed into the kid with the cape and the clout. A neat flit about beat-'em-up, this game has you rescuing OAPs and would-be suicides whilst rapping the noses of rampaging gangsters. The chunky graphics and uncomplicated gameplay make it a fun way to pass those long, lazy evenings. 74°
    A very average pack, with Superkid the only game of note. Crossfire and Crack-up are playable in the short term, but Spooky Castle is a waste of tape. Better to save the cash for a rainy day, and then buy a cheap umbrella.
Many thanks to Andrew West for typing this up

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