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2D Game Maker/CRL (YS35, 3)
   Designer boredom. A utility involving 3D effort to create 2D games of 1D possiblities. Perfect for masochists.
Action Force II/Virgin (YS30, 9)
   Strategic carnage with snazzy programming and natty graphics. On a par with Cybernoid and Rastan.
Airbourne Ranger/Microprose (YS37, 7)
   A fair shoot 'em up with bearable graphics and acceptable addictiveness, but average multi-load stricken gameplay.
Black Lamp/Firebird (YS29, 7)
   Graphically sound, but the fiddly bits slow things down a little. Fun for the few for the while.
Blood Brothers/Gremlin (YS32, 7)
   An annoying platform shoot 'em up, saved only by a savagely addictive sub-game.
Blood Valley/Gremlin (YS30, 5)
   Blood Valley is an average game that's certainly not one of Gremlin's best.
By Fair Means Or Foul/Superior (YS37, 6)
   A mediocre boxing attempt that just does not survive the count.
Cauldron/Silverbird r (YS38, 9)
Chubby Gristle/Grandslam (YS33, 5)
   An arid game: dried-up gameplay, dessicated graphics, not one to quench your addictive thirsts.
Crosswize/Firebird (YS31, 9)
   Supa'-doopa' graphics, arcade style difficulty, and faultless programming make this game a classic - on a par with Zynaps.
Cybernoid/Hewson (YS29, 9)
   A new breed of game. Every adjective you can think of to sum up sheer excellence.
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge/Ocean (YS35, 7)
   A challenging, difficult sports sim with outstanding graphics but one track waggling game-play.
Fernandez Must Die/ImageWorks (YS35, 8)
   Commando clone with strategic knobs on (Fnar!) and cars and tanks and trains and bases and bombs... need I go on?
Gauntlet/Kixx r (YS38, 9)
Hellfire Attack/Martech (YS38, 4)
   An uninspired chopper game. Give it the chop.
Impossible Mission II/Epyx (YS33, 9)
   Agent 4125 is back in excellent form against the evil Elvin Atombender. (Oo-er) A triumphant return with many new wazzy puzzles!
In Crowd, The/Ocean (YS40, 9)
   An excellent selection of shoot and beat 'em ups with a lot to appeal to the combat connoisseur. Let down only by a poor driving game. But at this price you can afford to ignore it.
Motor Massacre/Gremlin (YS40, 5)
   Horrible bird's-eye viewed driving game, lacking in any good graphics, fun or playability. The kind of game articulated lorries were designed to run over.
Netherworld/Hewson (YS38, 8)
   Boulderdash minus Rockford and gravity, plus a polo mint and sci-fi storyline. Flickering graphics but brilliantly balanced gameplay and - man! - it is addictive.
Overlander/Elite (YS34, 9)
   For Sale: 1988 Road Race Game `Overlander'. Play tested. Good Runner. Excellent performance. A good buy.
Real Ghostbusters, The/Activision (YS42, 62)
   Poor shoot 'em up that looks good in some places but plays bad in most.
Ring Wars/Cascade (YS38, 8)
   Unoriginal plot, but technically superb wired frame graphics with action, lasers and planets to land on.
Road Blasters/US Gold (YS34, 8)
   A verdcant road racing game. It grows on you like a leech
SDI/Activision (YS39, 6)
   Detailed but arthritic graphics don't help to alleviate the monotony and dullness of this mediocre shoot'em up.
Sphinx Jinx - Total Eclipse II/Incentive (YS43, 90)
   Excellent Egyptian elaboration on the Total Eclipse theme, fab value, and good 'entry-level' for Freescape games.
Target Renegade/Ocean (YS31, 9)
   Graphically yum-yum, deliciously playable, succulently addictive - a game connoisseurs delight.
Wanderer/Elite (YS41, 69)
   Seemingly naff space trading game which really begins to glow when you turn on the 3D effect.
Xybots/Domark (YS44, 80)
   As good a conversion as anyone could hope for. A good laff in two player mode.

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